Saturday, June 08, 2013

We buy used boats and fix them up and sell on them next to the garage...
sometimes we do well and sometimes is always a gamble when you buy what you think is a real bargain fixer upper and then you find something wrong with the engine that is going to cost alot more to fix than you originally thought. Even with our many years of experience that does happen from time to time. If you have a boat buying, fixing and reselling experience to share please post it in the comments section. We just went out in one of our most recent purchases that we had worked on for a very long time and ended up in the middle of Lake Monroe which is near Orlando and had to be towed in. So it was not a very good day for us.
I have been looking on craigslist and everywhere online for a used out drive for it.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Mercruiser Marine Engine Parts for Sale

It has been a long time since I posted about the boats I have been working on. Russ my old bf passed away and now I have a new boyfriend that has been buying boats and fixing them with the help of one of his buddies. I do help with cleanup sometimes after a boat is pretty well done. About 4 years ago we bought a 1986 Regal Commodore on craigslist and it needed a couple of gas marine engines. We bought 2 off of ebay and took the old ones out. I managed to sell the old engines right away but the ones from ebay were not the right ones. So we sold the boat and I ended up selling one engine whole but the other one was taken apart and I had to sell it in pieces. We had thought we were going to reverse that engine when we had the boat and it was taken apart for that purpose. Both engines ran fine when we got them  but the mercruiser marine engine that was taken apart sat in the garage a long time. I still have part of it for sale that have not been sold yet which you can see by going to Marine Engine Parts for sale.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Redneck Vacation

After checkin out the prices on that fancy hotel Joanne wants to stay in for this family remunion.
Russ and I jus come up wif the ultimate "Redneck El cheapo Vacation".
You can all come here an stay in the 3 RV's we got parked out back and we will take you in his newly remodeled 1964 Starcraft fishin boat out to Dead Lake for a gran tour of the best fishin holes this side a skeeter pond.
You must supply yer own bait-leftover chicken legs from the Redneck Orientation BBQ in the welcome center (back yard) is always a good idea.
There is a restaurant at the Bull Creek Fish Camp that has Fresh Fried Catfish to die for along with french fried local sweet potatoes.
Then you can all join us in a family singalong cause they have karaoke on Friday and Saturday nights right there up under the stars in fronta all the neighborhood.
Dogs will be howlin and bullfrogs will be a croakin right along wif ya.
Recently our good friend Carl put his 50 ft. unregistered yacht into the water there and floated it out beyond the site of the marina so he wouldn't hafta pay for slip space and it is a great place to drink beer and gig for frogs while enjoying the stars which seem to multiply as the night wears on and the many wonders a nature.
THe next morning Russ can take ya'll to Crescent Lake- he has installed 2 engines on the boat so not to worry.
Yes it is a ways to get across the lake but just think of all the excitement you will be having wondering if yer gonna make it
-life jackets and a whistles will be provided for each passenger.
Upon yer arrival on the other side of the lake you will heartily disembark and kiss the ground then stumble up upon the next tourist attraction upon yer journey which will be the infamous 3 Bananas. Famous for it's rustic view of the other side of the lake and overpriced tourist cuisine...last time we wa's there cost us $20 fer the both of us and that was includin drinks...these people never heard of .50 cent beer.
After pissin away all yer vacation money we will then high tail it back to the other side of the lake where they do have .50 cent beer.
But we gotta get back before dark or it could be a long night cause there ain't no lights out there to get back by.
Although at night is the best time for giggin for frogs so if you are plannin to do that be sure to bring yer flashlights to shine in their eyes-giggin poles will be provided.
A special crabbin' tour is available by request-meaning-if you really are serious about "catchin crabs"-throw the traps in the boat, and a pail and some Long Tongs.
Once we get back home there are plenty of fun rides for the kids cause we got all manner of off-road vehicles for some brave soul to take em out on.
Motor scooters, mopeds, motorcycles and dirt bikes and lots of mud ponds for those mud buggin afficiandoes.
After a hard hot day of ridin I will be more than happy to spray you off wif the garden hose-but the kiddy pool is for the kiddies...if you want a big pool that everyone has pissed in -well the ocean is just 15 miles away.
The author of this disastrous material is Ann Menke - a blogging crazy person that just happens to do website creation.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Buying and Restoring a 1964 Starcraft

Recently my boyfriend decided he was getting a bargain when a friend offered to sell him an old all aluminum 1964 Starcraft bowrider with an inboard motor that actually worked for only $400.
Well he is the type of guy that can't stand to be seen in anything unless it looks shiney and new and lucky for him he can restore just about anything to make it look that way. But that was only half the battle. He is best at doing sanding and painting which is the first thing he did to this boat and so now it looks brand new and so does the engine. It sure looks pretty but has yet to go in the water. Right now he is struggling with getting a very irritating problem fixed. The hydraulic lift does not work because of one little tiny valve connection behind the motor. And so after replacing the hoses this was discovered. So he just now removed the bell housing and is doing everything he can to get at this part without removing the inboard motor or outdrive completely. He is a very determined guy so I am hoping he will be able to do it. As for me when things get this messy and complicated I just have to walk away and do alot of praying. I told him I wanted to go out in the boat for my birthday on June 28 th so he is doing his best to make that happen. After all I did pour a whole bunch of my own money into all the paint and materials to make this boat look like brand new and it is hard to do that and still not to get to go out in it. I am a patient person but there are times I want to kick myself for getting talked into doing the boat thing again. I swore after the last boyfriend that wanted a boat that I would not ever again get one cause it was a whole lot of money and not worth it - as the entertainment value was not equal to the cost of repairs and maintenance. I only need so many expensive learning experiences in my life and many I do not want to repeat. But I am a sucker when it comes to making other people happy so that is how I get talked into these things. We do have alot of restoration experience in the past from restoring horse drawn carriages and heavy equipment but I would have to say this is the first time restoring a boat. Will get back to you later to let you know how it goes.
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